Combatting Survey Fatigue: An Innovative Approach to Gather Honest Employee Feedback

July 25, 2024 | 11:30 am – 12:30 pm EDT Virtual
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Forty-seven percent of our partners report that their engagement survey data is incomplete. Before employees will trust their employers with their honest feedback, they need to know that the environment is safe, their contributions are confidential, and their feedback will be used authentically. Seramount empowers HR and talent leaders to ‘listen differently’ and get an authentic portrait of employees’ experiences to accurately diagnose pockets of disengagement.

Our Employee Voice Sessions (EVS) create a psychologically safe environment where hundreds of employees anonymously share highlights and challenges about their work experiences in an anonymous virtual platform. After facilitating stakeholder and employee listening sessions, our talent experts analyze the data, and implement a research-informed strategy to help organizations create a workplace culture where employees want to stay.

Participants Will Hear
  • Preview the smart listening technology recommended by Fortune that uncovers the root cause of employee sentiments better than traditional surveys and focus groups
  • Understand why an anonymous, psychologically safe environment is critical to collecting employee engagement data
  • Learn about Seramount’s 3-part approach to gathering, analyzing, and leveraging richer employee data to transform your talent strategy


Laura Sherbin
Managing Director, Consulting
Chetan Rao
Managing Director, Partner Development