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DBP Members Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 8, 2014

Hay un sinnúmero de eventos notables (There are a lot of good things happening) during National Hispanic Heritage Month

“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” Civil Rights Activist Cesar Chavez

National Hispanic Heritage Month takes place every September 15-October 15. The timing of this heritage celebration coincides with the multitude of Independence Day celebrations occurring in Latin-American countries that fall during that time. Dating back to its origination in 1968, the heritage week, which expanded into a month in 1988, has been designated as a celebratory occasion to highlight the achievements and impact of Hispanic Americans.

The latest census bureau data cites that people of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin make up 17 percent of the United States population and is estimated to grow to 31percent by the year 2060. National Hispanic Heritage Month, along with other key celebration moments in the Latino community, offers an educational opportunity to gain knowledge and promote stronger relationships to drive business growth. Below you will find ideas and resources you can leverage for engaging with the Hispanic community for Hispanic Heritage Month and, more importantly, on an on-going basis.

Highlights from DBP Member Companies

The following is a sampling of what some member companies are doing to honor and highlight the Hispanic community during National Hispanic Heritage Month.

  • On Kraft’s website, delicious recipes (e.g. Avocado Soup with Poblano Peppers and Cheese) are shared for the occasion.
  • Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month calendar of activities, which features an in-store event with Latin superstar Thalia, is packed with exciting programming in Macy’s stores all over the country.
  • The Siemens Passport to World Program provides market education (food, costume, insights) and is a signature National Hispanic Heritage Month event. The program grows annually and preparations are underway to deliver this successful event for 2014.
  • Colgate Palmolive’s Haz La U (Make the U) program promotes higher education for Hispanic students. The program partners with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to provide 21 higher education scholarships to Hispanic students.
  • Target and AARP are amongst the honorees for the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Awards. The awards are given to Latinos who make notable impacts in the US and in the world.
  • Bank of America supports Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute‘s ($1.7 Million donations) mission of developing Latino leaders.
  • Allstate Insurance and Walmart are premiere sponsors for the Hispanic 100 Foundation Gala and Mentor Program. The awards program recognizes impactful Hispanics around the world and also supports the development of future Hispanic leaders.
  • Employee Resource Groups from Capital One, KPMG, Freddie Mac and PwC have partnered with NSHMBADC, ALPFA DC and SHPEDC for a networking event to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Resource Recommendations

To build your knowledge of Hispanic culture, history and workplace demographics, and to support initiatives targeted to Hispanic communities, we offer these recommendations for additional resources.

  • Pew Research Hispanic Trends – Build your knowledge around the Hispanic Population’s impact.
  • Get your history fix by checking out the documentary on Latino History from PBS. In addition, PBS will broadcast the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Awards on September 18th.
  • A recent write-up in Latin Business Journal honed in on brand-building opportunities that companies can leverage for Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Be on the lookout for the latest US Census Profile America Facts for Features on Hispanic Heritage Month. The Facts for Features provides an amalgamation of economic and demographic data regarding the US Hispanic Communities.
  • The Library of Congress provides comprehensive information on National Hispanic Heritage Month, which includes a look at Hispanic American Veterans.