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How DBP Member Companies Are Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2021

By Deanna Keenan
May 26, 2021

Pride month was dedicated to June to honor the Stonewall Inn riots in New York City on June 28, 1969. On that day, police raided the Inn, which was a well-known gathering place for the LGBTQ+ community. Passerbys watched as police arrested employees and patrons of the bar, leading to five days of rioting to protest the injustices committed. A year later, on June 28, 1970, the first Pride march was held, and to this day, the Pride Parade marches on, though this year it will be a virtual event because of the pandemic.

While the fight is still ongoing, with over 100 bills introduced in 2020 aimed at dismantling rights for transgender people and the pandemic’s detrimental impact on the health of people in the LGBTQ+ community because of healthcare accessibility issues, there remains hope that the US is moving towards equality. For example, in a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court in June 2020 ruled that the protections granted by the 1964 Civil Rights Act protect LGBTQ+ employees from discrimination. President Biden’s administration has also created protections against LGBTQ+ discrimination, including the establishment of a White House Gender Policy Council that serves to advance gender equity and equality.

This month is for the celebration of accomplishments and sacrifices made for LGBTQ+ equity and equality. For resources on how to promote community support for Pride Month during a global pandemic, the Human Rights Campaign has created a global celebration with #PrideInside, to encourage people to celebrate Pride from the comfort of their homes.

Below are actions Diversity Best Practices members are taking to celebrate, honor, and continue to fight for LGBTQ+ rights.


Internal Actions:

Abbott will be recognizing Pride Month with the following activities:

  • Panel Discussion with CEO – To acknowledge LGBTQ employees and encourage participation during month of June.
  • Global Education Series – Video panel conversations with PRIDE members from six locations worldwide.
  • Podcast – Interviews with LGBTQ and Ally network members focusing on the importance of allyship to the LGBTQ community.
  • Pride Flag – Flown during first and last week of June at multiple site locations, both within and outside the U.S.
  • Queer Quiz – To spark engagement and incentive to win PRIDE swag.
  • Video – Partnering with Corporate Marketing on campaign video #ThisIsMe.
  • Yammer & aLIVE – To encourage conversations on internal social platforms.

Social Media Actions:

Partnering with Corporate Marketing on external social posts. LinkedIn: @abbott, Facebook: @Abbott, Twitter: @AbbottNews


PRIDE Month – AbbVie is honoring Pride Month through a number of actions. Our PRIDE employee resource group is sharing a video of AbbVie employees discussing their personal pronouns, along with Zoom backgrounds that employees can use with their pronouns. Pre-pandemic, AbbVie was a regular participant in Chicago’s Pride parade, including entering a float. Since the parade is not being held this year due to COVID-19 concerns, the PRIDE ERG is holding a contest asking employees to submit shoebox floats to recall the fun and camaraderie of the Pride parade. In addition, our corporate brand team is supporting Pride month by updating the corporate email signature for all employees to include space for personal pronouns, as well as updating the business card template to include personal pronouns. AbbVie is raising and waving the More Color More Pride flag over many of its locations, including its corporate headquarters in North Chicago, Illinois.

Alight Solutions

Internal Actions:

  • Keynote speaker: Jeremy Wallace is an author, professional speaker and consultant. His book, Taking the Scenic Route to Manhood chronicles his journey as a transgender man and combining his expertise as an entrepreneurial business owner with life-changing experiences, Jeremy speaks to corporations, organizations and groups of any size about embracing change, becoming our true selves and living up to our full potential.
  • Learning Session: Debunking the Gender Binary – Have you heard terms such as gender identity, gender expression, or pronouns and wanted to understand how these concepts tie together? Popular culture has brought an increase in visibility for the L, G and the B members of the LGBTQ+ community (Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual), but we don’t speak nearly as much about our Q or T communities (Queer and Transgender). Not everyone identifies within the gender binary and the first step in creating a safe space for Queer and Trans colleagues is through knowledge and awareness! Our colleagues will learn more about the differences between gender identity, gender expression and sex, their relationship to sexual orientation, and why it’s important to use gender pronouns correctly.

Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate PRIDE will be spending Pride Month 2021 “Choosing Joy!” Our strategy/theme for this year is to highlight and celebrate only aspects of joy, happiness, and excitement that accompany the LGBTQ+ experience around the world, both internally and externally.

Internal Actions:

Throughout the month of June, Allstate is planning ERG-hosted events, executive leadership video submissions, dress up contests, international internal partnerships, and celebrating the joys of the LGBTQ+ experience.

External Actions:

Exploring event partnership opportunity with external company WipFli, featuring an LGBTQ+ “Charity of the Week” from across the country to encourage donations/matching.


  • International Kickoff Event (06/30)
  • Charity of the Week highlights (06/07, 06/14, 06/21, 06/28)
  • PRIDEfessional Development: Public Speaking (06/30)
  • Rainbow Apparel Dress-up Day (06/16)
  • Quarterly Membership Meeting (06/22)
  • Queer Joy Train 06/30)

Social Media Actions:

LinkedIn social media team collaboration – @allstate.

American Airlines

Internal Actions:

Our EBRGs will be hosting a series of events:

  • Tulsa PRIDE hosting PRIDE Parking Lot BINGO
  • Black Professional Network hosting Black PRIDE to celebrate intersectionality
  • National PRIDE joining Lambda Legal’s Federal & State Policies Impacting LGBTQ+ communities” education webinar

Employees will be encouraged to celebrate PRIDE through our communication efforts including:

  • American Way Perspective;
  • Live Twitter Social Media Pride Headers;
  • Digital Signage;
  • On-campus representation;
  • “Did you know?” Discussion 1;
  • Team Member Story on IG, “Tell Me Why” episode;
  • National Gay Pilot Association Story;
  • “Did You Know” Discussion 2;
  • And “Being an Ally” Discussion 3.

External Actions:

In June, American will be celebrating partnerships with:

Social Media Actions: Twitter Social Media Pride Headliners – @aairwaves and Instagram Team Member Story – @americanair

Andersen Corporation

Internal Actions:

We will be showcasing several employees’ “coming out” stories and posting on an internal website, as well another Pride-related communication. Several events hosted by Pride+ ERG including a volunteer event for The Link, a local LGBTQ non-profit, keynote speaker Kim Tran, Pride-themed** virtual trivia** event, attending various internal team meetings to talk about Pride+ ERG and help educate, sending out informational weekly newsletters. Sending out “Pride in a Box” kits to all locations (50+ nationwide) to help celebrate Pride, complete with banners, wristbands, badge stickers and information on local volunteer events and ways to celebrate Pride virtually.

External Actions:

Partnering with The Link, a local LGBTQ non-profit for a volunteer event, sponsoring various Pride events, working with Mossier, a local LGBTQ non-profit, to gather additional resources/trainings for our employees, supporting HRC initiatives.

Social Media Actions:

Executive Committee support statements/video.

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Internal Actions:

The Baxter Equality Network (BEN) Business Resource Group – which supports inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender professionals, and their allies – has several exciting activities planned for Pride Month. Their activities will kick off with the raising of the Pride flag at Baxter facilities around the world, including the headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois. Later in the month, BEN will host an event featuring a notable keynote speaker from the LGBTQ+ community and an international panel of LGBTQ+ community members and allies from Baxter leadership. BEN will also sponsor a video commemorating Baxter being named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality for the sixth consecutive year, and BEN chapters from around the world will share video clips of their respective Pride Month celebrations.

External Actions:

The Baxter Equality Network (BEN) Business Resource Group has made a grant to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Health and Aging Program, which works to increase awareness of LGBTQ healthcare disparities and discrimination and to increase LGBTQ inclusive policies and practices in healthcare and long-term care settings.


Internal Actions:

Our Pride ERG will be hosting various events throughout the month including a talent show, trivia, book recommendations and conversations with senior leaders. In addition, as in previous years, Cigna will be flying the Pride flag at various locations across the country. The Pride ERG has also partnered with our social media team to ensure Pride Month and Pride ERG members are featured throughout the month on Cigna’s social media channels. Communications about Pride Month, and how to get involved, will be shared with all employees.

External Actions:

Cigna will be highlighting LGBTQ-focused organizations on our internal community service portal to encourage support from employees. The Pride ERG will be highlighting these organizations and sharing more about their mission and vision on the Pride ERG page on Cigna’s intranet.

Social Media Actions:

Cigna will be featuring employee profiles during Pride Month on our Cigna social media channels – Twitter: @Cigna, LinkedIn: @Cigna, Facebook: @Cigna, and Instagram: @cignatogether

Element Fleet Management

Internal Actions:

Pride Weekly Events

  • Week 1: Celebration Event: Kickoff! What does Pride Month mean to you? (member and employee spotlight)
  • Week 2: Community Partners Discussion Event: Panel – Dynamics of Politics Impacting LGBTQ Community
  • Week 3: Team Building Event: Game Night!
  • Week 4: Education Event: Harvey Milk movie and Happy Hour/Discussion Event
  • Week 5: Close

External Actions:

We are a proud partner of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) as well as many local nonprofits where we have employees. We are engaging three nonprofits in a panel discussion during Pride month.

Social Media Actions:

Follow Element Fleet Management at LinkedInTwitter or Facebook for posts focused on cultural heritage including Pride month and Juneteenth.

Estee Lauder

With this Pride month programming, wELCome will highlight the diversity, heritage, and beauty of the LGBTQIA+ community, and acknowledge the progress that has been made so far. As we look into the future, wELCome will foster challenging and meaningful conversations on how to move forward, recognize the work we still have to accomplish, and give ourselves the strength to continue – together – the fight for equality.

Internal Actions:

This year, in honor of Pride month in 2021, wELCome celebrates the Beauty of Pride with global and local events across the world and offers opportunities to our employees to gather virtually and continue to stay resilient as a community. To further build upon ELC’s long-held commitment, earlier this year wELCome developed the ELC Pride 365 Program, an internal initiative carefully designed to advocate for LBGTQIA+ equality all year beyond Pride month


Events in June will be presented in a virtual format and include:

  • Pride & Joy, The Beauty of Being Trans: A conversation in partnership with M·A·C Cosmetics about beauty, visibility, activism, and Trans excellence that will explore what pride means for Transgender and Gender Non-Confirming people in 2021.
  • Traveling while LGBTQIA+: A live talk show with celebrity influencers and subject matter experts, that will unpack honest conversations about traveling around the Globe while being LGBTQIA+.
  • Makeup Masterclass: An empowering partnership between M·A·C Cosmetics, Clinique, and non-profit organization The Door, to teach students how the power of beauty can be harnessed and equip them with tools to support their self-expression, individuality, and self-confidence.
  • Self-Love Series, Pride x Juneteenth Edition: A partnership between wELCome and NOBLE, The Estée Lauder Companies’ Network of Black Leaders and Executives Employee Resource Group.
  • The Future of Beauty is Genderless: A panel discussion about the growing importance of gender fluidity in beauty and why it is important to degenderize the beauty space.

Social Media Actions:

Beauty of Pride campaign

Fifth Third Bank

As part of marking what has become known as Pride Month, four Fifth Third Bank employees share their stories as members and allies of the community.

Brandi Craig, senior vice president and Treasury Management area manager, Indianapolis

As a leader of Commercial treasury sales professionals in Indiana, Brandi helps Bank customers’ businesses thrive through the use of our Treasury Management solutions. She also is the executive advocate of the region’s LGBT+ Business Resource Group.

“Encouraging and supporting each other, despite our differences, is what makes the world a better place,” Brandi said. “When we empower and create safe environments for each other, we have the opportunity to learn and grow to form a diverse, cohesive, engaged culture that creates positive and sustainable change.”

While many Pride Month events are still virtual this year, Brandi points out that people still have many opportunities to get involved.

“I encourage everyone to check out just one event to celebrate, learn and appreciate each other, no matter where you live,” Brandi said. “You won’t be disappointed, and our communities will benefit.”

Beryl Kirchen, Treasury Management clientCARE advisor, South Florida

The history of Pride Month inspires Beryl, who leads the LGBT+ committee as part of the Multicultural BRG in South Florida.

“The Stonewall riots became a catalyst for increased awareness and visibility for the LGBT+ community, and it also led multiple marginalized communities – like people of color and women – to band together to fight for equal rights,” Beryl said. “It was because of the combined efforts of these minority communities that the United States began to move toward equality and away from discrimination.”

While there is still a way to go, Pride Month provides a time of visibility for the LGBT+ community and a way for others to show their support and allyship.

“The Bank’s commitment to inclusion and diversity can be felt through the many BRGs across our footprint,” Beryl said. “I challenge and encourage all employees to seek out the BRGs and become members because allyship is vital to acceptance.”

Tom Merchant, senior vice president and HR business partner, Chicago

“It’s important that we share our stories with our co-workers and friends,” Tom said. “I started my career at a time when there was shame and isolation in being gay, as well as a fear of losing one’s job. While a lot has changed, we need to light the way for those who are at the beginning of their journeys, whether they are just coming out, transitioning or have a family member who is. Sharing your story and letting people know you support them is so important to creating a better community, culture and place to work.”

Fifth Third Bank actively promotes inclusion and diversity through 64 regional business resource groups overseen by inclusion councils in each of the Bank’s 13 regions and through eight virtual Enterprise business resource groups led by Enterprise committee executives. More than 3,700 employees take part in the in-person regional BRGs.

Fifth Third’s BRGs are focused on fostering employees, the Bank’s reputation, and a work environment and culture that supports engagement and inclusion. BRGs are open to all Fifth Third employees, whether they’re members of the group’s constituency or allies.

In June, the LGBT+ BRGs across the Bank’s footprint will celebrate Pride in a variety of ways, including scavenger hunts, parades and more. Here is some of what’s in store:

  • Central Ohio BRG members will participate in the virtual Stonewall Columbus Pride event and host a Zoom game night for all Central Ohio Bank employees.
  • Chicago BRG members will host a Company-wide virtual Pride celebration to provide our employees with an opportunity to share their thoughts on why Pride is important to them. The group will also participate in the annual Chicago Pride parade in October.
  • The Cincinnati BRG will engage in a city hall flag-raising ceremony, a scavenger hunt, a mask giveaway and a conversation with executives from companies in the city.
  • Georgia BRG members will participate in weekly trivia with prizes and attend a celebratory happy hour.
  • The Indiana BRG is hosting several educational sessions and events including a discussion about ballroom culture, a collaborative celebration that honors Shabat and Pride and a Drive-In movie night and a virtual dance party.
  • The Northern Ohio BRG will participate in the Pride in the CLE: Pride Ride where members will decorate their cars, bikes, trucks, and vans in a parade.

To learn more about Fifth Third’s inclusion and diversity efforts, please visit


Internal Actions:

Various virtual events including collaborating with our Military and African American Network ERGs. Training from PFLAG on proper pronoun usages and more niche members of the ‘+’ in LGBT+. Virtual Pride Parade and other socials.

External Actions:

Continued relationship with GRIOT Circle – a local LGBT facility providing elder care.

Social Media Actions:

Social Media Campaign this year: Virtual Safe Space. Safe Space stickers were displayed on office doors or employee workstations to let colleagues know they support the community and offer a safe space. We saw an opportunity to continue this even now as we have moved into a fully remote work environment.

Howmet Aerospace

Internal Actions:

The Howmet Aerospace PRIDE ERG promotes visibility and actively demonstrates our company’s support of the LGBTQ+ community. Our PRIDE ERG mission is to advance the understanding of unique workplace and social issues facing the LGBTQ+ community among employees and promote a sense of ‘belonging’ for all. While we aim to be filled with PRIDE all year long, we especially enjoy the opportunity that PRIDE month gives us to catch everyone’s attention and celebrate our diverse workforce.

This year, in celebration, we will be promoting PRIDE through several actions and educational events. Firstly, we will be raising the PRIDE flag throughout June at a number of Howmet Aerospace Inc. sites across the US such as California, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We will also be working with SisTers PGH to financially support and host their Pittsburgh People’s Pride online platform so that they may be able to invite attendees to take part in online sessions including speakers and musical guests. We are also engaging with the Pittsburgh Pride Group & TransYouniting to see where we may be able to work collaboratively with them in their Pride month events. And finally, we are raising awareness internally by providing training and insightful articles which will promote empathy, allyship, and understanding. We have three events scheduled across the month and will have an internal Q&A article posted on our intranet to celebrate Pride month organization-wide.


Internal Actions:

Allyship programs; intersectionality with other ERGs; PRIDE Month activities.

External Actions:

Mentoring programs with LGBTQ homeless youth; crisis intervention for suicide prevention; support for LGBTQ Seniors; drives for LGBTQ homeless shelters


WIth COVID, all events are virtual, but we are engaging with Broadway stars for PRIDE Month activity.

Social Media Actions

CEO supports LGBTQ ERG with messaging to all employees, coupled with messaging in LinkedIn.

100 Rating w/HRC CEI

International Monetary Fund

Internal Actions:

We will add an LGBTQ+ list to our Supplier’s list in Procurement so that we can begin to support LGBTQ+ businesses.

External Actions:

We are planning to do a “PRIDE in the Park” with other GLOBE groups at other IFI’s in DC.


Internal Actions:

KPMG will celebrate Pride Month with co-hosted BRG hosted events (e.g., Pride and Abilities in Motion on mental health), Global Pride conference, and a Day of Remembrance.

External Actions:

Supporting onePULSE Foundation

L’Oréal USA

From the Office of L’Oréal USA Diversity & Inclusion and in partnership with all employee Think Tanks and Squads, the overarching theme for the year is Representation Matters I The Power of Belonging. L’Oréal LGBTQ+ employees are highly accepted and included at L’Oréal USA. However, in many places at L’Oréal, there are still employees who do not feel comfortable being “out.” Because L’Oréal is committed to Diversity & Inclusion, L’Oréal has made strong commitments for all LGBTQ+ employees to feel comfortable and included. The first step to achieving this is through representation of your ideals and values. Being seen, connected, supported, and proud, they all matter to your sense of belonging and well-being.

Internal Actions:

Our mission for L’Oréal USA Pride 2021: * Reinforce L’Oréal USA and a recognized champion and advocate for LGBTQ * Celebrate and support our LGBTQ employees and encourage allies (advocates) to connect with the history and importance of Pride. * Ensure our corporate involvement is meaningful, authentic, and impactful through re-focused charitable initiatives. * Engage in signature events with charitable organizations and the city of NY throughout the month of June. * Access programs to complement our existing diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives.

External Actions:

At L’Oréal USA, we believe non-profit partnership = meaningful, authentic brand engagement. L’Oréal USA brands may choose to create custom content that provides brand recognition while generating much-needed support for those who need it most.

  • The Ali Forney Center (NYC-Based) – Aims to protect LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently.
  • THE CENTER: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (NYC-Based) – Empowers people to lead healthy, successful, lives, celebrates our diversity, and advocates for justice and opportunity.
  • HMI (NYC-Based/National Reach) – The Hetrick- Martin Institute provides community, basic needs, health, education, and career services to thousands of LGBTQ youth every year. HMI also influences policy on local, national, and international levels.
  • God’s Love We Deliver (NYC-Based) – Improves the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition, free of charge, without regard to income.
  • The Trevor Project (National) – The leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. It operates The Trevor Lifeline, a confidential service that offers trained counselors through a toll-free telephone number.


  • The Library is Open! – A History of the LGBTQ+ Community and Pride for All to Understand – Thursday, June 3rd – 2 to 3 pm EST
  • Men@L’Oreal and GBTQ OUT Men Inclusive Workshop – The Power of One – Wednesday, June 9th – 4 to 5:30 pm EST
  • What’s in a name — Identity or Expression? How does this reinforce your Born to Be? – June 10th – 4 to 5:30 pm EST
  • LGBTQ+ Executive Mentoring Moment — Showing Up as Your True Self in the Workplace – June 16 at 2 to 3 pm EST
  • Love Makes a Family – Parenting LGBTQ Youth and Their Allies — June 17th – 1 to 2 pm EST
  • LBTQ Women Inclusive Panel – Representation Matters I The Power of Belonging – June 24th – 2 to 3:30 pm

Social Media Actions:

The ERG (Employee Resource Group) OUT@LOREAL was created in 2017 with the following mission: OUT@LOREAL works to foster and inclusive employee culture and environment at L’Oréal USA; serves as an active, supportive member of the external LGBTQ+ community; and provides marketing insights that reflect the voice of the LGBTQ+ consumer.


Internal Actions:

McDonald’s will create authentic engagements with LGBTQ+ people by supporting the community, celebrating Pride and championing progress. McDonald’s Pride EBN will hold a national webcast in celebration of Pride month on June 22nd. We’ll champion progress by showcasing McDonald’s proud LGBTQ+ history and achievements.

External Actions:

We’ll kick off Pride with House of Pride presented by McDonald’s, a daylong virtual celebration of LGBTQ+ culture, music, comedy, dance and fun! McDonald’s will be launching the ‘livin’ it’ campaign in a big way in June by engaging with the LGBTQ+ community. With House of Pride, we’ll create feel-good moments to celebrate our consumers’ identities during PRIDE, while supporting nonprofits. McDonald’s will provide field and crew with tools and creative assets to join in and continue the conversation. McDonald’s has established equity that we will amplify through our partnerships and earned media to demonstrate our ongoing commitment.


  • 5/20 – House of Pride Announcement
  • 6/1 – Times Square Billboard
  • 6/6 – House of Pride Event
  • 6/22 McDonald’s internal Pride EBN Webcast

Social Media Actions:

Promotional support will drive 6M+ impressions across Revry Digital Network.


This Pride Month, Medtronic’s theme is #UnitedWithPride as we celebrate, educate, and activate the LGBTQ+ community and allies to create an inclusive and equal environment for all. Celebrating and amplifying LGBTQ+ culture, achievements, and contributions; educating and raising awareness around critical anti-transgender legislation and inclusion of BIPOC within the LGBTQ+ community; activating and driving action, solidarity, and allyship for critical issues facing the LGBTQ+ community and encouraging allies to be #UnitedWithPride.

Internal Actions:

  • Flying the Pride Progress Flag – For the entire month of June, we’re flying the Progress Flag outside 40+ Medtronic campuses around the world to show our commitment to PRIDE and the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a visible and vocal statement that discrimination has no place in the LGBTQ+ community—or at Medtronic.
  • Sharing PRIDE Stories – Sharing video and written stories from our Medtronic PRIDE community on internal channels and externally on Medtronic social media and
  • PRIDE Network Global Town Hall – Internal program offered globally to 3600+ PRIDE Network members and all 95,000+ employees around the world.
  • Weekly Global #UnitedWithPride Panel events co-hosted with our Hispanic Latino Network, Asian Impact @ Medtronic Network, African Descent Network, and ABLED ERG.
  • Intersectional Allyship in the Workplace webinar in partnership with Out & Equal.
  • Transforming Care Beyond the Binary webinar in partnership with Rainbow Health.
  • LGBTQ+ Sign Language Workshop in partnership with our ABLED ERG.
  • PRIDE Parents Lunch and Learn

Social Media Actions:

UnitedWithPride: LinkedIn @medtronicFacebook @Medtronic, and Twitter @Medtronic.


Internal Actions:

Moody’s Global LGBTQ+ BRG chapters are hosting various exciting events, such as: * Educational speaker series;

  • A bake-off;
  • Supporting parents of LGBTQ+ children;
  • And Pride Trivia.

External Actions:

Moody’s partners with Hetrick-Martin InstituteOUT Leadership, and other global organizations to support the community and pay-it-forward.

Social Media Actions:

Moody’s will celebrate Pride Month with rainbow logos on social media, as well as sharing Zoom backgrounds with quotes from LGBTQ+ leaders, and re-invigorate our “Be Counted” self-ID campaign during the month of June.


Neustar, a global information services and technology company, celebrates Pride Month with events and resources that recognize our diverse identities.

Internal Actions:

  • Dedicated Resource and Support Site: Neustar launched an internal education and resource site where employees can find LGBTQ+ history, events, and links to help increase awareness and build a sense of community. In addition, Neustar provided resources in support of allyship for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Launch of Employee Resource Group: NeuPRIDE Neustar successfully launched its LGBTQ+ and Allies Employee Resource Group, NeuPRIDE, during an organization-wide virtual celebration on May 12. NeuPRIDE’s mission focuses on promoting a safe, inclusive, and intersectional environment that drives LGBTQ+ advocacy and thought leadership within Neustar. The NeuPRIDE kickoff event included stories shared by leadership, colleagues, and guest speakers from PFLAG.
  • Neustar leadership encouraged employees to update their email signatures by adding their preferred pronouns, showing respect for everyone’s right to self-identify using pronouns of their choosing.

External Actions:

  • Neustar Gives Back: Neustar is committed to volunteering time to racial and social justice efforts that drive change and equity through its donation matching program, Neustar Gives Back. In celebration of Pride Month – and as part of the company’s overall Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Corporate Social Responsibility mission –Neustar will focus donating matching efforts on three LGBTQ+ organizations: Human Rights Campaign FoundationPFLAG, and Out In Tech.


NeuPRIDE March Challenge: NeuPride is sponsoring a company-wide challenge June 1-23 to encourage all employees to march in solidarity, celebrating the advancements of LGBTQ+ rights achieved and the fight for all to live in their own identities without bias. Winners will choose a LGBTQ+-related charity to which NeuPRIDE will make a $500 donation.

Company-wide Allyship Training with PFLAG: NeuPRIDE is partnering with Straight for Equality (a program of PFLAG National) to offer employee training to learn about allies, why they’re needed, and how they can become (or help others become) an ally that takes action. Employees will have a chance to:

  • Understand more about LGBTQ+ terminology and how it is evolving.
  • Hear about positive advancements toward LGBTQ+ acceptance in the U.S., as well as challenges the LGBTQ+ community continue to face in the workplace.
  • Learn about straightforward, everyday actions that can help overcome barriers, express support, and create change in the workplace.

All participants will receive access to a guide on how to be a straight ally as a great takeaway!

NeuPRIDE Month Celebration: NeuPride and Neustar’s Executive team will reinforce the meaning of pride and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. The month-long program will feature colleagues showing support during the virtual NeuPRIDE March and continue to share the importance of allyship.

Speaker/Panel Series: NeuPRIDE will launch a Speaker/Panel series “NeuPRIDE Talks,” focused on topics of interest for the LGBTQ+ and Allies community. The series aims to provide a safe space for attendees to engage in honest and thought-provoking dialogue on topics including: Coming Out, Road to Parenthood, Reconciling Identity and Religion, How to be a Better Ally, Support for Parents with Kids Who Identify as LGBTQ, and Combatting Biases within the LGBTQ Community.

Social Media Actions:

Throughout Pride Month, Neustar will post educational, cultural, and awareness content on its internal and external-facing social media channels.

Ulta Beauty

Respect. Honor. Uplift. Support. Love. Ulta Beauty is celebrating the LGBTQ+ community this month and always. We’ve always been a place where associates and guests can express their true selves. We see and support the full spectrum of the community. The Pride Ulta Beauty visuals show many flags that represent LGBTQ communities: trans, bisexual, gender fluid, queer POC and more. We have a voice to go beyond allyship (advocacy), now is the time to drive lasting change for Ulta Beauty associates, guests, and our community.

Internal Actions:

Ulta Beauty will be supporting Pride Month among associates internally in the following ways:

  • Partnering with PFLAG on two educational events;
  • Roundtable discussion featuring an Ulta Beauty board member and associates who identify within the community;
  • Creating a Pride T-shirt available for associates to purchase;
  • Educational overview of Pride month and the LGBTQ+ community;
  • And encouraging associates to express their Pride by sharing pictures of their makeup artistry and hairstyles via an internal social network throughout the month.

External Actions:

Ulta Beauty will be supporting Pride Month with guests externally in the following ways:

  • Donation and continued partnership to PFLAG;
  • In-store display and magazine features for Pride;
  • Website and email content in celebration of Pride;
  • Featuring associates and artists who identify within the community on social media platforms;
  • And an Instagram Live session with LGBTQ+ creators.


Verizon’s theme for Pride month is “Words of Pride,” reinforcing our commitment to Pride by uplifting the voices of our LGBTQ+ employees, external partners, and suppliers. Verizon amplified these voices through a wide range of events, sponsorships, and donations.

Craig Silliman, EVP & Chief Administrative, Legal & Public Policy Officer, and Executive Sponsor of Verizon’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) Verizon PRISM – Lead with Pride, kicked off the month with a letter to all Verizon employees, elaborating on the theme of the month and the importance of listening to the voices of the LGBTQ+ community. A few highlights from the month include PRISM’s “Pride from my Window” program, where ERG members submitted photos, videos and quotes of how they celebrated Pride from home throughout the month, strengthening their community by sharing their experiences. PRISM also hosted a cross-ERG panel to discuss gender equality in the workplace specifically for the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and LGBTQ+ community, where they explored the experiences and intersectionality of individuals with these identities to promote allyship and understanding. At the end of the month, PRISM hosted a fireside chat event featuring special guest Free Mom Hugs founder Sara Cunningham, who spoke with Verizon Business Group CEO Tami Erwin in a heartfelt conversation about the complex (and sometimes challenging) relationships between LGBTQ+ youth and their parents.

In addition to PRISM’s events, Verizon’s External Affairs Team gathered esteemed leaders from PFLAG, The Trevor Project, Encircle, and the LGBTQ Technology Institute for a discussion about the importance of empowering our youth. These leaders explored the suicide prevention programs, technology access, and community support that make a significant difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth.

Verizon also partnered with the Paley Center for Media to bring a number of Pride-themed events to Verizon employees, including the Virtual Tour of Pride Month Celebration: A Salute to LGBTQ+ Achievements in Television, where participants were walked through a virtual exhibition of LGBTQ+ representation in television. Verizon employees were also invited to join the Paley Center’s screenings of Hulu’s Love, Victor, a television series about a teenager’s challenges during his own self-discovery.

Announced in June, Verizon received a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, effectively being named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality.

Finally, Verizon has committed $1 million to partner with Encircle, a nonprofit that builds safe spaces by creating homes across the country for LGBTQ+ youth, young adults, and families. Verizon’s partnership will develop custom tech-inspired learning spaces with four new and existing Encircle homes. Verizon will also supply devices across all Encircle homes, including mobile hotspots. Verizon has also pledged $250,000 to PFLAG National, which brings Verizon’s total support of the organization to $1 million over the last four years. The donation will focus on PFLAG National’s creation of a virtual community and pathways to support communities of color through national virtual support meetings. The Verizon Foundation also committed $1 million to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to develop online training to help individuals and organizations improve their understanding of the LGBTQ community.


Internal Actions:

  • The Power of Nuance: Authentically Sharing Queer BIPOC Experiences An intimate conversation with actors, writers, and showrunners on representing the nuances of BIPOC queer experiences on screen.
  • Conventional & Unconventional Wisdom: A Conversation with Current Executives for Our Next Generation of Leaders A conversation with some of ViacomCBS’ most distinguished business leaders to discuss their career evolutions, the leaders and mentors that inspired them, and what they are doing to empower and engage the next generation of leaders.
  • George Floyd Anniversary Event: Brave Space Sessions with Dr. Donald Grant in partnership with the BEAT + ERG.
  • A Conversation with Marva Smalls & Soledad O’Brien on how corporations have fared over the last year.
  • Celebrating & Learning The History of Juneteenth Moderated by CBS This Morning Saturday Co-Host Michelle Miller Speakers Include: Erica Armstrong Dunbar, National Director of The Association of Black Women Historians & Professor at Rutgers University Rodney Hawkins, CBS News Producer

External Actions:

Speaker Series through New York Historical Society:

  • Author Annette Gordon Reed will be speaking to Professor Peter S. Onuf about her book On Juneteenth
  • Race & Freedom of Expression conversation with Professor of Law at Harvard Law, Randall Kennedy & Professor of Law Nadine Strossen

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Internal Actions:

We are hosting 3 major events for our WBA team members to attend during Pride Month.

  • “Pathway To Parenthood: A Focus on LGBT+ Families” (June 8th) will feature Steve Disselhorst (Author “Determined To Be Dad”) and 3-4 LGBT+ WBA team members who have formed families via donor (IUI/IVF), surrogacy, or fostering/adoption. We will explore each of their journeys and discuss the challenges and obstacles and LGBT+ people specifically can experience during these journeys.
  • “Out & About: A conversation with LGBT+ Business Leaders” (June 16th) will highlight LGBT+ leaders at different levels of our organization. We will discuss how they navigated their career paths while being out and what point in their careers that they decided to come out. Our hope is to highlight the possibility of being out at work while not sacrificing your career.
  • “Oh, It’s Just a Phase!” (June 24th) will be what we’re calling an “LGBTQ&A” where we discuss awkward questions that LGBT+ individuals receive before, during, and after coming out. We will answer some of the questions, but also dive deeper into the intent behind the questions and discuss which questions are harmful and how to ask them in a different way or other resources that are available to get the information.

Outside of these events, we will also have some articles being released throughout the month that will focus on different LGBT+ topics. One article will be a companion piece to the “Pathway To Parenthood” event where each of our WBA team members that are on the panel will be interviewed and can share more details about their family journeys. Another article will center around Intersectionality and will feature Black LGBT+ team members during a time that intersects across Pride Month Celebrations, Juneteenth, and the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. The idea is to explore the complexity of emotions that may be experienced while these very different moments are all occurring at once. The last article will focus on allyship. LGBT+ team members will be nominating allies in the workplace. Each LGBT+ team member and the nominated ally will be interviewed to discuss their work relationships and interactions. Additionally, this article will serve as a “How-To” guide for being a good ally.

We will also be starting a BRG podcast and the first episode will be centered around gender identity. Members of the WBA Pride Alliance and Women Of WBA BRGs will discuss how both the Women’s Movement and the LGBT+ Movement center around gender, but they come at it from two different perspectives. In some respects, there are major differences, so the discussion will focus on both perspectives and how we can find common goals that will allow us to help propel each movement forward.

External Actions:

The articles mentioned above will be shared externally and we are currently determining if the podcast will also be shared externally. If we are able to, we may create highlight reels for the events and share those as well. We are also developing a video that will be released during Pride Month featuring WBA team members sharing their experiences. The exact theme and content is still to be determined. We are also building some plans to expand some of our existing work with LGBT+ organizations during Pride Month.

Social Media Actions:

All external pieces mentioned above will be shared across our multiple business units on all social channels. We will also be developing leadership messages that will be shared as well.

Wells Fargo & Company

While Pride Month is mostly about celebrating the achievements of the LGBTQ community, it’s also a time to highlight advocacy to address issues facing the community.

This Pride Month 2021, ‘We Are Stronger Together’ is the communications theme. This encompasses the importance of serving as allies to each other, whether that translates as serving as allies to the LGBTQ community or allies within the community. An interesting fact about the LGBTQ community is that we are a part of all other communities; and, in turn, all other communities are a part of the LGBTQ community. We also will celebrate the diversity within the LGBTQ community as a representation of different sexual orientations, gender identities—as well as racial and ethnic diversity.

Discrimination against LGBTQ people is more than a community issue, it is both a national and human rights issue. According to the World Economic Forum, mental health issues and suicide rates continue to be higher among LGBTQ people than in other communities. And, recent data from the Human Rights Campaign, highlights the continued alarming rates of fatal violence against the transgender and gender non-conforming community. I’ve included additional links and information in the attached talking points that dive deeper into these topics and others.

By way of celebrating this year, we will continue to operate in a virtual environment and there won’t be any company-sponsored events or opportunities for employees to celebrate in-person. However, there are still a number of (virtual) ways employees can get involved including those mentioned below.

**Employee Engagement **

This year, during a time when employees can’t be together, there are still a number of ways to get engaged:

  • “Stronger Together” Speaker Series—historians and leaders from across the enterprise are coming together each week (throughout Pride Month) to provide employees with opportunities to participate in a series of discussions that echo this year’s Pride Month theme—‘We Are Stronger Together’. Topics include history, allyship, intersectionality, and Wells Fargo’s longstanding commitment to the LGBTQ community. The Speaker Series will also be posted on the Pride Connection ERN home page.
  • Make a Fashion Statement at Pride’s “Masquerade”— The COVID-19 pandemic added a literal mask on top of the metaphorical masks many of us wear every single day to obscure or downplay our identities. Rather than using a literal mask to hide one’s identities, employees will be invited to create masks as forms of personal expression and celebration—together. Participants will be able to submit photos via Team Moments of themselves wearing a mask, tiara, cape, hat, etc., to depict a challenge they have faced or are facing. Photos will be compiled and will be posted to the Pride Masquerade Team Moments page.
  • Pride Virtual 5k—to encourage members to be active and to support engagement, Pride Connection is sponsoring a virtual 5k challenge. Members can complete the 5k throughout the month of June simply by moving — and can use any app or device they choose to track their activity. Participants will receive a free Pride t-shirt from WellsWare to wear when they post pictures to their social channels using the hashtags #StrongerTogether and #WellsFargoPrideVirtual5kChallenge.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chat

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will offer the next DEI Chat, “Gender Fluidity and Identity,” on Friday, June 18, During this DEI Chat, we’ll explore gender identity and expression, transgender parenting, the experiences of Black transgender women and non-binary employees in the workplace, and highlight the progress Wells Fargo has made in support of gender fluid and transgender employees.

Community Care Portal

Wells Fargo recognizes the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and — in an effort to put that value into action — throughout Pride Month and year-round, employees can support LGBTQ communities through virtual service and giving to charities devoted to building a more inclusive, sustainable future for all. Employees can visit the Community Care Portal throughout the month of June to see a list of collaborators and local charities working with members of LGBTQ communities across the Wells Fargo footprint.

Wells Fargo Branded Channels

Wells Fargo Stories: a number of stories — which can be shared with customers, friends, family, and community organizations — will be posted to Wells Fargo Stories in honor of Pride, including:

  • On Tuesday, 6/1 to kick off the month, Tali Bray, leader of Technology Diverse Segments, Representation & Inclusion, will share a story sharing her perspective of how ‘We Are Stronger Together’. This story will also be posted internally to Teamworks and will be promoted through the company’s official social media channels.
  • Jorge Valencia, CEO and Executive Director of The Point Foundation, will pen our June Viewpoints on Wells Fargo Stories to highlight the LGBTQ student population and the great work Point Foundation continues to lead to support those needs.
  • You can find more Wells Fargo Stories featuring the company’s commitment to the LGBTQ community here: LGBTQ Archives – Wells Fargo Stories. Additional stories may be added throughout the month.
  • Teamworks: A variety of articles (including those listed above) will be published throughout the month, including a Pride Month story and video featuring leaders and employees from around the globe.
  • Wells Fargo ATMs: We will be promoting the previously published story featuring SAGE; An app that makes financial sense for older LGBTQ adults across the company’s ATM network.

Marketing & Cultural Engagement Campaign

  • Throughout the month of June, the company’s cultural engagement marketing platform, Empowerful, will feature campaign ads in celebration of Pride Month and honoring the LGBTQ community through Empowerful. You can find more on social media, ATM, In-branch, on and the Empowerful digital hub.
  • Paid media programs will include sponsorship of the Pride 50 promotion on Queerty, honoring 50 LGBTQ individuals who made an impact last year, and a Pride sponsorship of Edge Media Network, which will include two dedicated editorial placements within the month of June.
  • New Pride Unity design being added to the Card Design Studio. We are adding a newly designed image/option to Wells Fargo’s Card Design Studio that reflects the strength, diversity, and Empowerful spirit of the LGBTQ community. The entire Pride collection of designs will be promoted to customers during June through in-branch and ATM advertising.

Social Media Actions:

Wells Fargo Stories content (which also includes a version that’s posted internally to Teamworks)

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