Insight Paper

Top Social Issues Critical for Organizations

November 2022

In a radically changing and increasingly polarized world, companies face a new dilemma. When major shifts occur, such as the reversal of Roe v. Wade, should they speak out? Does that imply a political bias that could offend employees, customers, or other stakeholders? There is compelling evidence, documented in this paper, that speaking out is more and more necessary as employees, especially members of Gen Z, demand their corporate leaders be societal leaders as well. Consumers, too, often vote with their wallets, choosing to buy from organizations that publicly support their values. But speaking out can be a daunting process. And if DEI isn’t part of the equation, the messaging may not be inclusive or can actually damage the organization’s reputation. In this paper, we examine who is impacted by corporations speaking out, best practices in determining when and why to speak out, and how Seramount can help your organization understand employee needs so you can best position your statements. We will look at some of the specific issues most impacting companies— and society—today.

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