Supporting Parents and Caregivers in the Workplace

February 2024

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, headlines drew attention to the hurt, stress, inequities, and difficulties many experienced. “Caregiver Programs May Become the Most In-demand Benefits of 2020,” “Companies Get Creative to Help Parents Juggle Work and Kids During Pandemic,” “For Many Caregivers and People with Disabilities, WFH Was Never Just a Perk,” and “Caregiving in America: The Strain, the Pain, the Emotional Drain,” are examples of news stories focused on the experience of parents and caregivers. These hurts were especially felt as children were forced to stay at home, people with disabilities became fearful to enter hospitals for help, and those who care for these populations were left to navigate the new landscape with little to no support.

Companies across the world found themselves challenged to support their employees who now had real-life issues compounding their “time in the office.” The calls for help and the burnout experienced caused a rally for companies to support parents and caregivers in new ways, and many created employee resource groups (ERGs) to do so. However, the challenges of being a parent and/or caregiver in the workplace started before the COVID-19 pandemic.

This toolkit will enable companies to determine best practices for their workforces as it relates to supporting working parents and working caregivers in their workplace.

Supporting Parents and Caregivers in the Workplace With Special Considerations for Employee Resource Groups

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