Leading & Lagging Indicators in Talent

January 2024

Talent and DEI efforts in organizations are inextricably linked. Often, DEI efforts are only recognized when there is a change in representation within gender, race and ethnicity categories. Additionally, these efforts are often assessed on how quickly change in representation or employee sentiment occurs. These are definitely worth keeping top of mind; however, there are many ways to demonstrate progress and impact within talent and DEI efforts that are not solely tied to representation numbers. Programs that are leveraged to hire, develop and advance all talent are often a result of investments in technology, partnerships, training, and in Total Rewards. As a result, all metrics throughout the talent lifecycle for all employees in the organization tell a more complete story than just isolating representation numbers and regarding DEI as a separate function that is solely responsible for that progress.

Here is a guide to help organizations think through their talent and DEI strategies and how they impact more than just representation numbers

Leading & Lagging Indicators in Talent

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