Employee Resource Group (ERG) Guidebook: Developed in Partnership with Open to All and Michael Kors

May 2024

The rise of impactful Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) has sparked transformative changes for both employees and their organizations. ERGs contribute immensely to talent acquisition, retention, and development. They offer vital perspectives and connections to diverse communities and are instrumental in devising innovative strategies for complex business challenges. Amidst the rapidly evolving global workplace, shaped by technological breakthroughs, political upheavals, and shifting generational perspectives, ERGs are increasingly crucial. They illuminate the distinct experiences of various communities and help create strategies to ensure their organizations stay ahead in a competitive market.

This guidebook aims to assist organizations in both establishing new ERGs and refining existing ones to bolster their business influence. It is a repository of tools, templates, and resources, curated to aid organizations at any stage of their ERG journey.

This guidebook is designed to be a living document that grows and evolves alongside our member organizations and workforces. Recognizing that change is a constant, especially in the dynamic environment of DEI, this guidebook is structured to accommodate future iterations and updates. This approach ensures that our ERG strategies remain relevant, inclusive, and reflective of the latest insights and best practices in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. We commit to regularly revisiting and revising the guidebook to meet the evolving needs of employees and to continue promoting a culture of belonging and empowerment for all.

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