Research Report

The Gender Gap At The Top: What’s Keeping Women From Leading Corporate America?

May 2019

Seramount’s research found out exactly what’s keeping women from the C-Suite—awareness of what’s needed to move up, ability to build relationship capital, confidence, and corporate cultures that aren’t accountable for creating real opportunities for women.

Across the board, junior and mid-level women don’t know what opportunities exist for them or how to pursue them, don’t understand the benefits of P&L experience, don’t understand the importance of networking, mentoring and sponsorship, and are afraid to take risks in the form of job opportunities when they don’t have all the skills required.

We have gone further than just identifying what’s wrong. We have spoken with many people across various levels in corporate America to reveal solutions that both the women and the corporations need to undertake if this deficit is to be solved.

Why this study?

Much has been said in recent years about the lack of women at the top of corporate America. Despite the introduction of programs and initiatives designed to move women up, the reality is that the CEO and C-suite numbers—and in the pipeline—are stagnant. And they are even worse for multicultural women.

This project takes a comprehensive look at the experiences of women—and men—at all levels of corporations to ascertain what perceptions and realities are keeping them out of the highest ranks and to offer real solutions to close the gap.

Key findings, detailed in this report, show women have fewer positive experiences in the workplace than men and that this reality begins early in their careers. These deficiencies are especially significant for multicultural women.

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