Tara Grammy Headshot

Tara Grammy

Actor/Writer/Producer and Iranian activist

Tara Grammy is an actress, writer, and producer with a uniquely global perspective. Bornin Iran, raised mostly in Toronto, with some time in Germany, and now living in Los Angeles, she has experienced life as an immigrant in many different forms. Since choosing to speak out against the authoritarian regime currently in power in Iran, Tara has not been able to return to her beloved homeland. She has used her artistic voice to create various projects related to the Iranian diaspora— her mission is to help the rest of the world become familiar with Iranian culture and to help Iranian immigrants feel seen. From her award-winning one-woman show Mahmoud, starring in the cult-classic romantic comedy A Simple Wedding, hosting the extremely popular Persia’s Got Talent, and her plethora of viral sketches on Youtube and Instagram, Tara has devoted her career to her love for her culture.
Recently, Tara has turned her attention to the protests in Iran and amplifying the voices of the voiceless within the country. She has dedicated her platform to bringing attention to the burgeoning woman-led revolution, educating and encouraging others to use their platforms to raise awareness for the human rights atrocities happening in Iran and the world. Tara is an engaging speaker whose talent lies in getting to the hearts of listeners on matters related to human rights, compassion, and the power we hold as members of a free society. She aims to wake people up to the incredible resources they have at the palm of their hands that can make a great impact in the world and to see the social responsibilities we have as one human race to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. She believes that compassion is the overlooked superpower of all human beings and that in an individualist society such as this one, we need to be reminded of the importance of exercising it often.

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