San Pao

Veteran advocate, Purple Heart recipient, Social Worker, and Artist

My name is San Pao (S-ah-n POW) and I am a refugee, family man with school aged children, two business Bachelor Degrees (2014) and a Graduate Degree in social work (2018), veteran’s advocate, a mental health clinician and a Purple Heart Recipient. 

I believe in serving our veteran community and their family; from immediate members to their corporate life. One of the most important part of my work, is to provide the necessary tools for veterans and those around them, the ability to communicate effectively. Some of my work with PTSD has been featured at our state capitol with photos depicting struggles and People magazine. YouTube has a link to my TEDx Talk: San Pao PTSD: We are NOT Broken. I live in Gorham, Maine, enjoy eating lobsters and flipping homes with my family.

Content by San Pao