Russell Thackeray



Dr Russell Thackeray is the CEO, founder and driving force behind QED, an innovative O&D company helping leaders and their organisations achieve improved performance and results.

A business psychologist, certified coach, trainer and renowned speaker, Dr Thackeray works with leaders in business, to build strong culture and emotional and mental toughness helping leaders and teams to stay resilient, inspired and connected that allows people to thrive, whatever life throws at them.

Dr Thackeray works across all levels, genders and hierarchies and, unlike many trainers and coaches, can draw on a wide breadth of experience of business, organizational management and life.  Initially a professional musician in London’s West End, Dr Thackeray has since been an entrepreneur, Operations Manager, Sales & Marketing Director, Consultant, CEO, NED, and investor. He now uses all the insights he’s gained from his diverse experience to form strategies and skills to improve performance and deliver change.

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