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Lori Frisher

CEO & Founder

Ready or Not! Media

Lori Frisher is an exceptional leader, advocate, and entrepreneur, with a remarkable journey that embodies resilience and determination. As a #1 Amazon best-selling author, Emmy nominee, cancer survivor and public speaker, Lori’s accomplishments reflect her ability to surpass challenges and embrace new opportunities. Navigating severe hearing loss since birth, she now relies on two cochlear implants and lip-reading to communicate effectively.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Lori faced a transformative experience, losing her voice only to find a new voice of advocacy. This pivotal moment led her to discover her true calling and become a disruptive force for change. With unparalleled empathy, personal storytelling, and a spirit of innovation, Lori empowers companies and organizations to foster a culture of success.

As the founder of Ready or Not! Media, Lori is committed to dismantling negative stereotypes and advocating for the inclusion of people of ALL abilities in the workforce and communities. She urges executives and management teams to exemplify inclusive leadership, creating workplaces where every employee feels a sense of belonging.

Having collaborated with diverse entities, from national nonprofits to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, Lori possesses a comprehensive understanding of various workplace environments. Her expertise enables her to view missions through the lens of those facing life challenges, ensuring the support of inclusive learning cultures and fostering creativity and originality. Lori Frisher is an inspiring force, driving transformative change and championing a future of inclusivity and belonging.

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