Ericka Spradley

Chief PowHer Officer & Founder

Confident Career Woman

Ericka brings 10+ years as a leader, entrepreneur and coach whose published content can be found on, Black and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global platform. Because Ericka understands the challenges women face while navigating organizational culture, she’s committed to providing principles and strategies that help women: self-advocate, increase their visibility, go further faster in less time and ultimately stop sitting on their ask. She also positions women to excel at work as well as know their worth by leveraging interviewing skills to increase their salary. This notion has not only resulted in at least 80% of her clients securing their desired role; but has also allowed clients to experience mobility by designing their individual path to promotion. As a strategic developer and relator, Ericka’s transformational coaching involves building a trusting coach–client alliance where she offers authentic support to clients along their journey to career success.

Content by Ericka Spradley