Daniela Herrera

Daniela Herrera

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant & Speaker

Dani is a bilingual, certified, award-winning DE&I Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer with 17+ years of global experience in Talent Operations, Recruitment, Leadership, and People Management.

Among many other things, Dani is the Awareness & Advocacy Founding Partner at Allies in Recruiting; one of the Founding Members of The Talent Alliance; a volunteer DE&I Expert for the NASA Astrophysics IDEA Practitioners Database, a Career Coach, and a Content creator.

Dani is radically and unapologetically committed to helping organizations analyze and deconstruct biased and inequitable systems. She works (very!) intentionally to nurture cultures that attract and retain talent from historically excluded communities, design processes that minimize biases, and build strategies and systems that foster inclusion, equity, and belonging.

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