EAB Acquires Forage – Frequently Asked Questions

EAB has acquired Forage, the leading provider of virtual job simulations for students.

EAB will sell Forage job simulations to companies under our talent brand, Seramount, and connect students with Forage from Navigate360 and Starfish at no charge to schools or students.

Who is EAB?

EAB’s mission is to make education smarter and communities stronger. We work with more than 2,600 institutions to drive transformative change through data-driven insights and best-in-class capabilities. From kindergarten to college to career, EAB partners with leaders and practitioners to accelerate progress and drive results across enrollment, student success, institutional strategy, advancement, and data analytics.

Who is Seramount?

Seramount is a division of EAB that provides talent solutions to 500+ corporations, including half of the Fortune 1,000. Seramount offers pragmatic solutions to HR and DEI leaders, including best practice research, workplace analytics, employee learning and development—and now, with Forage, employer branding and talent sourcing. These solutions help us support the world’s most high-performing and inclusive organizations.

Who is Forage?

Forage provides best-in-class virtual job simulations and career preparation tools to students worldwide. The simulations offer students a real-world look at a wide variety of companies and career paths so they can make more informed choices after college. Forage’s job simulations help companies build brand awareness with students, identify and nurture high-intent applicants, and increase efficiency in the recruiting process.

Forage works with more than 100 companies, including Fortune 500 organizations such as Citibank, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Lululemon, PepsiCo, and many other leading brands. Forage currently offers more than 350 live simulations, which nearly six million students have engaged with to date.

What are job simulations?

Job simulations are two-to-four-hour online learning programs built and endorsed by leading companies. They contain resources and exercises designed to simulate the real-world experience of starting a career at a specific company and in a specific role. They help students better understand career paths while getting a sense of a company’s culture and employer brand. For example, students can explore product marketing at Lululemon, software engineering roles at Goldman Sachs, and careers in consulting or data science at BCG.

Why is EAB acquiring Forage?

EAB is acquiring Forage to enhance the solutions we provide to Navigate360 and Starfish partners, their students, and our corporate partners.

Navigate360 and Starfish partners will be able to promote Forage’s free virtual job simulations directly on our platforms through links and proactive communications to students. In doing so they can expose their students to job simulations at critical points in the college journey, increasing students’ chances for positive career outcomes post-college.

Building a stronger connection between student success and life success is a strategic priority for EAB. Adding Forage is a significant step forward in this effort—it will help bridge the gap between college and career for millions of students.

What are the benefits to Seramount’s corporate partners?

By adding Forage to the Seramount portfolio, we now have a world-class employer branding and talent-sourcing solution to help early-career talent teams achieve their goals more efficiently, effectively, and equitably.

What are the benefits to Forage’s corporate customers?

Because of our large student network, EAB is uniquely positioned to expand the number of schools that promote Forage job simulations and the number of students who take them. This will enhance value for heads of early-career recruiting and companies overall. A wider network of students will be exposed to and able to engage with their employer brand, ultimately leading to a stronger and more diverse group of entry-level employees. 

Encouraging use of Forage by US-based students has been a priority for Forage, whose current student network comprises mostly international students. Because many students who use Navigate360 and Starfish are US-based, introducing them to Forage will significantly expand Forage’s potential impact.

How can I learn more?

If you already work with Seramount, your account manager will share more information on how you can include Forage simulations in your talent strategy. We look forward to working with you to help you reach more engaged and prepared early-career candidates.

If you are interested in partnering with Seramount to build a stronger, more inclusive workforce, you can learn more and contact a Seramount expert here.

For more information about the transaction, please read the press release.

Please direct media inquiries to John Michaels.