Why Top Organizations are Investing in Job Simulations

July 18, 2024 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT Virtual
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What makes the college to career pipeline so difficult for students and employers? With limited resources and bandwidth, talent teams struggle to keep pace. Recruiters are overwhelmed with applications that aren’t the right fit, brand awareness efforts are expensive and specialized roles take months to fill.

On the other hand, benefits of internships are hard to achieve, and students don’t understand the steps to prepare for a successful job hunt.

Join Seramount experts to learn more about Forage, the leading provider of virtual job simulations that bridge the gap between students and employers.


What is Forage?
Forage provides best-in-class virtual job simulations and career preparation tools to students worldwide. The simulations offer students a real-world look at a wide variety of companies and career paths so they can make more informed choices after college. Forage’s job simulations help companies build brand awareness with students, identify and nurture high-intent applicants, and increase efficiency in the recruiting process.

Participants Will Hear
  • Provide an overview of Forage and its offerings.
  • Showcase how job simulations can be used as a tool across the entire recruitment funnel, from enhancing the candidate experience, to elevating diverse talent, and increasing conversion rates.
  • Share tech-enabled strategies to bridge this disconnect and improve hiring outcomes for companies by surfacing motivated talent.