Revolutionize Campus Recruitment: Candidate Sourcing Tools to Diversify Your Talent Pipeline

October 4, 2023 | 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm EDT Virtual
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To become an employer of choice for the next generation of job-seekers, companies need to update their campus recruiting methods. Gen Z candidates are on the way to becoming a third of the workforce by 2030. They chose their college with career pathing in mind and they’re just as intentional about their job search. So, how companies brand their employee experience and address the unique needs of today’s job-seekers is necessary to engage the most qualified candidates—especially when recruiting historically excluded talent.

Seramount’s early-career talent program, CareerAscent, is a cutting-edge platform that combines our DEI talent development expertise with EAB’s extensive student success network to help your team recruit and retain highly engaged candidates from diverse backgrounds. Participating companies are matched with pre-qualified candidates, built-in support from campus advisors, tailored campus recommendations, and employer branding opportunities.

Participants Will Hear
Join this webinar to learn how CareerAscent can help you:
  • Access a candidate network of 6+ million college students and career advisors using a proven student success platform
  • Craft an employer brand that addresses the most important job factors for historically excluded, early-career talent
  • Increase efficiency and equity while diversifying your talent acquisition strategy