From Workforce to Marketplace: 5 Ways to Win the Customer of the Future

July 23, 2024 | 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm EDT Virtual
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The customer of the future demands inclusion. Are you ready? Today’s rapidly evolving consumer landscape presents tremendous challenges and opportunities for all businesses. B2C, B2B, and non-profits alike can prosper by adapting their products, services, and experiences to engage the customer of the future. The key: truly understanding your diverse customers.

This exclusive webinar will equip you with the tools necessary to build a thriving future for your organization embracing customer-centric DEI.


Learn how to:
  • Integrate best practices for customer inclusion into your organization’s DNA, creating a more comprehensive DEI ecosystem directly impacting your bottom line.
  • Develop inclusive products and experiences that better resonate with a broad range of backgrounds and engage customers expecting personalized experiences.
  • Leverage the business benefits of inclusive design and marketing to improve customer experience, product and service quality, and market share.
  • Align workplace and marketplace DEI strategies, navigating the evolving DEI landscape by fostering a sense of belonging for both consumers and employees.
  • Sharpen your competitive edge by becoming a leader in customer inclusion, ensuring your DEI strategy keeps pace with shifting workforce and customer needs.
Who Should Attend
  • DEI Leaders Across Industries