Women of Excellence Awards

The annual Women of Excellence Awards honor the accomplishments of women who have achieved success in their own careers and demonstrated commitment to the success of other women and/or girls. Seramount selects honorees for their vision, courage, compassion, and proven success.

On September 20, 2023, Seramount will celebrate the Women of Excellence Awards in New York City to honor our winners and hear their inspiring stories. All honorees must attend the awards ceremony, so please ensure a nominee’s calendar is reserved for September 20.

Register for the Women of Excellence conference in NYC, September 20, 2023 here.

The 2023 Women of Excellence Award Nominations are now closed.


We may have multiple winners for each of the following categories. When you complete the nomination form on the following pages, we encourage you to choose up to three categories for which your nominee might qualify. Please note that we reserve the right to change the award category of your nominee.


A woman who has been a disruptive force for good in her organization, challenging the status quo, which has led to tangible improvements for the company.

STEM Award

A woman who has succeeded in a STEM field and has used her influence to ensure that women and girls have access to the tools and support they need to succeed in science, technology, engineering, and/or math.

P&L Executive of the Year 

Has proven success in running a business and has focused on ensuring other women have P&L opportunities.

Rising Star

A woman under the age 30 with high potential for the C-suite who has already demonstrated commitment to the success of other women and/or girls.

Social Justice Warrior

A woman who has led impactful work outside of her organization in support of historically under-represented groups, environmental justice, economic justice, and/or human rights.

Inclusion Champion

A woman who has led the way at her organization in ensuring that women of color, LBGTQ+, and/or women with disabilities have a clear path to success.

P&L Pilot

A woman who has had proven success in running a business and, equally as important, ensuring that other women have Profit & Loss opportunities.

Community Luminary

A woman who is changing the face of neighborhoods by providing services that benefit women and/or girls.

Board Member of the Year

A woman who serves on a board of another organization that is working to drive change in an impactful way for women and girls.

Advancement Advocate

A woman who “lifts as she climbs” and has demonstrated commitment to advocating for individual women’s advancement/promotions – both through her own sponsoring and through encouraging sponsorship of women by all senior executives. She may have also worked within her company to ensure women’s success by initiating or aiding in the implementation of formal programs.

*We honor only one woman per company each year, but we encourage companies to nominate up to three women for different categories.