Strategy and Program Implementation

As an expert guide, we empower our clients to elevate their leadership and ambition.

We meet you where you are.

We have assembled a diverse team of professionals that bring a unique depth and breadth of global DEI expertise. Our culture of working collaboratively across our team ensures we bring our clients the best thinking and relevant experiences to every challenge they face.

Strategic Advisory

Through DEI strategy development, implementation, benchmarking and custom research, Seramount’s expert DEI practitioners address the unique challenges and needs of your organization.

Our best-in-class advisors provide deep, cross-industry expertise with a wide range of corporate DEI experience across industries and functional areas. 

When you partner with Seramount, there is bench depth to draw on, no matter how large, how advanced, or how complex your issues are, and even if you are a team of one.  We are invested in your success. DEI work can be extremely rewarding, yet isolating at the same time. Consider us an extension of your team, with you every step of the way. 

With Diversity Best Practices, we offer one-on-one advisory, providing pivotal, practical, and objective solutions to accelerate and sustain your progress.


Using an evidence-based approach that combines deep analytics, innovative technology, and the power of the employee voice, we are able to capture a multi-dimensional portrait of your workplace culture through a Culture Audit.

By hearing directly from your employees, we learn their lived experiences of culture, perceptions of opportunities, policies and behaviors, and what they value most as motivators.

In times of crisis, we learn their concerns and threats to their retention. Our Employee Voice Session technology brings rich qualitative stories that breathe life into the numbers and put heart behind the metrics.

Every protocol, audit, and recommendation is tailored to address your unique concerns.

We translate insight and stories into actionable and focused roadmaps for tackling the most complex workplace issues, including:

  • Leadership and Business Processes Diagnostic 
  • Retention Trends and Regrettable Losses 
  • Critical Moments and Safe Space Solutions 
  • Sponsorship Tools and Programs