Multicultural Women’s National Conference 2022

WHEN: July 2022
WHERE: Hybrid (In-person & Virtual) Event

About the Event

Bringing together mid- to senior-level multicultural women, women in tech careers, DE&I practitioners, and HR professionals, this event creates a one-of-a-kind forum for community building and equipping multicultural women with tangible tools for navigating the workplace and advancing their careers.

Multicultural women are a rich source of talent for organizations yet according to our research, nearly three quarters of multicultural women say having a mentor or sponsor would be helpful for their career but they don’t get that support.

Given the tumultuous past year, the disproportionate socioeconomic impact on women of color, and the emotional toll of increasing racial tensions, the Multicultural Women’s National Conference will reflect on the lessons learned in inclusion and leadership, and offer strategies for the future of the advancement of multicultural women in the workplace and beyond. 

Through leadership development workshops, best practices sharing, deep and insightful conversations about multicultural development, networking, and more,  this conference brings together women and their allies alongside DEI, HR and Talent practitioners from across industries. Join us for an in-depth examination of the intersection of race, identity, and leadership!

What’s a hybrid event?

Our hybrid events are designed to include both in-person and virtual components simultaneously to allow for an engaging and exciting experience for both the in-person attendees and the attendees participating remotely. After a year of attending virtual events, there are some employees who will be ready to get back to in-person learning experiences. However, we know that others will not be able to travel or are not comfortable with congregating in large groups. Including an engaging, content-rich virtual experience will allow for all employees who want to participate the choice to do so. All attendees have the ability to access the virtual content following the event, as all sessions are recorded and become available for on-demand viewing.

This conference builds my confidence. Other conferences just don’t speak to me in the same way.

Multicultural Women’s National Conference attendee testimonial

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Executives
  • Mid-to-Senior level managers
  • High potential, high achieving employees
  • D&I/HR/Talent professionals
  • Women in technology careers
  • Executive sponsors and ERG leaders
  • Allies of multicultural women

Why Attend?

Tackle bias, microaggressions and other barriers to inclusion in the workplace
Participate in honest conversations about the challenges multicultural women face
develop best practices to transform thinking, relationships, and workplace culture